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This page contains some Yoomp!-related links. If you know an interesting link we should add, please let us know.

· ABBUC 2007 Software Contest - Yoomp! wins the ABBUC competition for the best Atari software
· Kaz Kompo 2007 - Yoomp! wins the Kaz Kompo for the best Atari game
· Oldschool Gaming Review of 2007 - Yoomp! wins the best game category, together with "Joe Gunn" for C64 (Yoomp! as "the best racing game", Joe Gunn as "the best platformer")
· Micro Mart Retro Game of 2007 - Yoomp! wins the categories for the best game for Atari 8-bit and the best overall game. It also gets the 3rd prize in the most original game category.
· Retro Gamer - Yoomp! is selected as one of the "Perfect Ten Games for Atari 800XL" (link contains a photo of the article)

· RGCD #04 - RGCD magazine provided a nice review of Yoomp!, giving it a score of 92%. The review included an interview with the authors (that's us!:)).
· Game Haus - a short review of Yoomp! by Mike of Game Haus.

· atariage.com - quite a long discussion about Yoomp! by AtariAge users
· lemon64.com - a discussion about porting Yoomp! to C64
· eab.abime.net - apparently, even Amiga users like Yoomp! :)

· Yoomp! at pouet.net
· yoomp! 4k at pouet.net - a 4KB conversion of Yoomp! for PC
· Atarimania - Yoomp! page on Atarimania. It is currently #1 in TOP 100 games for Atari by rating.

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